2008. április 22., kedd

Feljelentés: Accusation and report in nature of public interest in regards of the corruption affecting Hungarian public authorities.

For the part of
brigadier general CONFIDENTIAL!

Military Prosecution Office
of the Advocate General
1027 Budapest
Fő u. 78.
Kecskemét, 19th September 2007

Accusation and report in nature of public interest in regards of the corruption affecting Hungarian public authorities.

Dear Brigadier General,

1. The present accusation became inevitable as the competent authorities, investigating bodies have split a previous accusation to different procedures (by referenced to dissimilar competence), and respectively terminated these procedures without notable further consequences, as in certain less serious cases charges were raised. These charges have been brought not against the leaders of the crime-organization, but against less influential offenders, thus not encumbering to continue with the criminal acts and to cover up the crime; unlawful acts may have been committed thereafter as well.

2. In the present case it is due to the above facts, why it seemed inevitable to set up the present accusation, but this time accusing the negligent, crime-supporting authority personals.
For easier comprehension the practice of the officials is matched with the acts of the private sphere.

I. Essence of the facts

3. The subject of the accusers accusation filed in the Municipal Prosecution Office of the Advocate General on the 15th February 2005 under reference no. Kf.9881, was dealing with the subject, of the company Duna Libra Rt liquidating company (which legal entity belonged to the Kossuth Holding Liquidation Group) , which at that time was about to trade the assets of the EuroMöbel Line Kft fa for the 10% of the actual value of the assets. Approximately one year thereafter (20th January 2006) that occurred in fact: The company Immobil 2000 Kft, owned by Sándor PINTÉR Dr. had acquired the assets of EuroMöbel Kft. fa. for 80 million HUF . An expert of the Hungarian Development Bank estimated previously the fair market value of the assets to 922 million HUF. The sale of the assets in value near to one thousand million HUF is a felony, intensified by the fact that the buyer has been proven to have concluded the sale and purchase agreement based on insider information received from various source – that is to say, the grounds of sale were not market based.
Rt. – abbreviation for joint-stock company;
Kossuth Holding Liquidation Group - among others, belonged to the similar proprietor group the Hunyadi Rt., NOVUM Rt., Duna Libra Rt.;
Kft. – abbreviation for limited liability company;
fa. – abbreviation which indicates that the company is under liquidation procedure;
Sándor PINTÉR Dr.: former Hungarian Chief Commissioner of Police; former Minister of Internal Affairs
Whereas the actual exchange ratio to date is 184 HUF / 1USD;
Purchase contract attached under F/1;
Value Appraisement Report attached under F/2;

concluded the sale and purchase agreement based on insider information received from various source – that is to say, the grounds of sale were not market based.

4. A parallel case shall be mentioned as well, whereas Judge Ákos SZÉKELY Dr. has sentenced effectively to suspended imprisonment of Mr. Péter RÁCZ (former KISZ leader), based on the sale of the property of the former Csillabérc Scout Association, as a result of an accusation filed many years following the actual sale. The justification of the decision highlighted that it is indeed a felony, if one misappropriate certain property so, that the property is sold to someone possessing insider information, on a price with particularly low commercial value ratio. In addition it shall be mentioned that the value of the real-estate in question (located at Csillebérc, Hungary) was appraised to 90 million HUF, in spite of this, the real-estate was sold for cc. 15 million HUF. The real-estate in case of the EuroMöbel Line Kft had an estimated value of 922 million HUF, and in contrary it was sold on the price of 90 million HUF. There is an other similar case, the so called Tocsik-case , however in this case yet only the first instance decided that the proxy is to be deemed against the good-morals, and thus recognized as null and void.

5. Following the first decision made after the accusation, approximately for a one year period cover-up investigation was carried out, nevertheless without any property-securing measures to be ordered as a result thereof the offenders seemed to manage cutting loose ends. In the mean time the appointed liquidator was unlawfully cooperating with the buyer, thus closing the criminal case down by covering up the essential part of the crime and it have been proposed to raise charges only on the basis of minor offences. The latter was due to the fact, that not even the representatives of the acting investigating organ would have acknowledge, that the liquidator allocated illicit enrichment for the part of the company of Ildikó Dr. PINTÉRNÉ EÖTVÖS , who indeed was in possession of insider information (thus de facto receiver of stolen goods). Naturally the representatives of the investigation organs should have known the wide spread and harmful nature of the criminal organization. As seen above, they were either part of the group of offenders or followed the unlawful orders of those supervisors who were afraid from confrontation. Thus the involved personnel breached their magisterial oath. (Applies the saying as well: “among the guilty, silence is pander”.)

6. In the first year of the investigation the investigating organs had not accomplished nothing more, just kept the denouncer in deception, mislead him, imitating to act lawfully on behalf of the victim's protection.

7. The organized crime was/is in control of an extended relation-net, and – due to the disregarding practice of certain organs of the State – is tacitly allowed by the State itself, nevertheless from the majority of the society these practices are hidden. These relationships are maintained via a manner well known by the accuser - as well.

KISZ – abbreviation for Communist Youth Association;
Tocsik Case: an attorney-at-law (Mrs. Márta TOCSIK) was engaged in October 1996 by the Hungarian State Assets Management Office (ÁPV Rt.) to represent the Office in regards of a certain State property against Local Governments, where the ÁPV Rt requested to negotiate with the Local Governments: those should have accept 50% of the actual value of the asset in question or had been offered to seek remedy at the courts – which would certainly mean years of vagueness. Mrs. Tocsik received her fee from the ÁPV Rt and have extortionate the local governments for further sums. In total received the extraordinary high 806 million HUF – success-fee for the settlement of the negotiation. Further the leader of the ÁPV Rt (István KOCSIS Dr.) has been exempted, however it is a widely known fact that Mr. KOCSIS had provided official documents with fraudulent content in the above case;
Ildikó Dr. PINTÉRNÉ EÖTVÖS – spouse of the above mentioned Sándor PINTÉR Dr.;
Cf. expletive private accusation request, held down at the Budapest Municipal Court against the prominent leaders of the Hungarian Bank for Development. Attached under F/3. It shall be noted that the expletive private

8. The acts carried out by the involved individuals most likely constitute fraud and influence peddling, and have important impact due to their financial effect. The involved leaders and representatives of the independent powers, prominent individuals of the politic and economy were indeed aware that the accusation is based on truth and factuality. In spite of there were more accusations filed in the same period from different involved victims, which were well founded as well, the investigating organs have terminated the procedure on the basis of false and unlawful facts and references as a result of the intervention through the net of relationships of the involved individuals.

II. Asset acquisition and abstraction in practice

9. In the Hajdu-BÉT Rt. Case In spite of that three managing director of the Hajdu-BÉT Rt. confessed factually that they were deceiving the suppliers for sole financial purpose. These suppliers were forced to become creditors and thus became the aggrieved parties (for instance: Dunás Kft., Szupitáp Kft.). At the time of the initiation of the liquidation ex officio, accountants and other professionals belonging to Kossuth Holding settled the accounting and contract materials – doing so based on the request of the Wallis Group. I.e. leaders of the Kossuth Holding Liquidation Group were aware of the details of the case. A leader of the Kossuth Holding Liquidation Group – Mr. József MAGYARI was/is well-known of his good relationships with several banks, such as the State owned Hungarian Bank for Development or other banks, particularly those, which entrusted Mr. MAGYARI in the case of the bankruptcy of the Transelektro Group .

10. Recently a couple of large enterprises have changed their seat just before the liquidation procedure to be initiated, in the case of many it was an apartment on 4th floor of a block-house in Tatabánya . Not surprisingly all these companies were liquidated by corporations in connection with Kossuth Holding. Police, judicial and prosecution leaders are well-aware that the Kossuth Holding group is the link between the judiciary and the private finance sphere, through which involved persons such as Sándor PINTÉR Dr. may take control from the background over different events, usually on the request of certain interest groups.

11. The investigation organs and the particularly the National Security Office (thus the Government as well) were possessing sufficient evidence in regards of the liquidation crimes, where the Kossuth Holding Liquidation Group was and is deeply involved, long before the former accusation was filed. It is well-known that there is a link between Duna Libra Rt. and Kossuth Holding Liquidation Group, whereas there are two judicial procedures against the leader of the former company, on the basis of illegality of ongoing liquidating practice. Nevertheless the appointment for being acting liquidator has not been revoked, in spite of the several requests therefore, as it is probably the only liquidating company from the hundreds of Hungarian enterprises on this field, which does not comply with the legal regulations and there is no verified owner of the company, as the majority of the company is owned by an off-

accusation is a rather new legal institution in Hungary, whereas in certain cases not only the office of prosecution may raise charges (ex officio), but private persons as well.
Hajdu-BÉT Rt. Case: a notable agricultural product corporation, whereas the suppliers were deceived so, that more than one thousand suppliers went into bankruptcy, four of them committed suicide as the assets of the liquidated company were embezzled and alienated through a series of fraudulent contracts; the background and controlling group is the Wallis Group (whereof the Hungarian OTP Bank Zrt. and it’s owners have significant influence);
Transelektro Group Case: is a former prestigious company group on the Hungarian market, which fall into financial problems in 2006, when the bank-creditors were requesting 30.000 million HUF and owned to the supplier-creditors a further 5.000 million HUF. The crisis involved financial aid from the State on the value of 3.0000 million HUF;
Nor the city, capital of the Komárom-Eszergom County, neither the exact location is appropriate and usual in regards of the seat of a company of such size.

Hungarian enterprises on this field, which does not comply with the legal regulations and there is no verified owner of the company, as the majority of the company is owned by an off-shore enterprise. Consequently no controlling companies of the liquidating company may be specified.

12. No security measures have been taken, in regards of the assets involved, thus without immediate blocking, the allocation of registered assets may be continued to carried out, involving the unlawfully acquired assets as well.

III. Role of the State representatives

13. By now it is hard to tell, that offenders in regards of breaching duties (i.e. by committing abuse of authorial power realizing aiding of crimes), officials and functionaries, police officers, judges and prosecutors are influenced by other means of pressurization or they are paid partners in crime. Lately is became a custom of the leaders of certain authorities (leaders of the police, judges and prosecution office) to refuse certain claims without an actual investigation, thus prejudging the claim to be ill-founded – no actual revealing operations are carried out. Many of the representatives of the investigating organs are fair and thus may not be judged.

14. However the above statement it does not exclude the responsibility of certain involved officers in cases such as the Zsanett Case, where a young girl claimed to be violated by police patrols, and due to this very scandal , why one minister and three chiefs of police should have resign. Nevertheless it is a well-known fact, that these people should have been resign from their position due to the role they played in respect of the events occurred on the celebration of 50th anniversary of the 1956's revolution on the 23rd of October 2006, where the celebration was dishonorably turned into a riot.

15. As mentioned above, the present accuser was not the only person requesting investigations focusing on involved individuals of the Kossuth Holding Liquidation Group in liquidations cases, however typically all accusations were end up in aimless procedures and eventually stated lack of proof or absence of actual breach of the law. This practice may not be followed only due to mere negligence. The fair procedures are several times obstructed obviously by authorities, and thus the involved personals soon became part of the extended group of people, who ignore to react in cases such as food-falsification at Törökbálint , and particularly allow the mass-amount of illegal trading and illegal receipt of taxable goods. (As of today the majority of tobacco and alcohol trade is based on illegal trafficking, of which the mostly Chinese traders barely sell lawfully imported goods.)

16. The list may be amended with reference to the following: a Department leader of the Supreme Court of Hungary , purporting to cover an unquestionably intentional breach of the law in 1994, have changed the former order of a court decision on the 22nd August 2007, following the modification of the improper decision made by Judge Mária BODOR Dr., in regards of the same case on 18th July 2007.

17. Furthermore it is against the better knowledge of the authorities, that the certified data for the

The M.E.G.A Holding include(ed) several companies, all present at the food-market, mainly importing and distribution in Hungary. By the end of 2006 it was revealed that these companies have replaced the original sticker on hundreds of tons of goods, thus modifying the expiration date of those products, and were able to sell them. Investigations have not yet shown significant results.
Katalin MURÁNYI Dr.: civil department leader of the Supreme Court of Hungary;

public in regards of companies and real-estates registration contains uncountable amount of false data.

18. The involvement of all and any political parties independently to their political beliefs are proven by the followings as well: All the members of the National Judicial Committee have received a report on the serious breaches of law, and on the fact that leaders of the judicature and judges are involved in forgery of certified documents and abuse of powers. In spite of any achieved efforts no legal steps were taken in order to reveal the involved individuals and the actual transactions. Unfortunately it was rather expectable as on 6th of December 2005 all the (372) members of the parliament were informed and later on reported in person of (some of) the (above mentioned) breaches of law, involving judges, prosecutors and other officials. This report highlighted the direct link constituted between the felonies and the particular duties of the MP’s. Namely that it is against the law to alter judicial decisions with a certain object without formal decision on the subject – notwithstanding the fact that the report pointed out clearly that such acts were carried out. Nevertheless the compiler of the report has never been requested for a clarification or has never been called up for further explanation. The above verify the adverse state of administrative and guiding organs of Hungary, and thus intentionally disregarded their duty to report a crime .
Therefore it can be affirmed, that state of law principle is unquestionably in jeopardy.

19. Additional aspect of these conditions is when the President of the State awarded Kázmér KOVÁCS Dr , who has been indicated previously – in reports sent to the Office of the President – by name and proved by certified documentation to be someone unworthy for such an honor. Mr. KOVÁCS have committed series of grave breaches of law (crime against the public-trust and order of justice) from 25th November 1998 until the present day and forth. I.e. it is up to this individual (as well) that in the certified registration database there are essential data-facts registered with an untrue and unlawful content.
The uncertainty of law, the inequity before the law and the discrimination on various basis was proven well, when Mr. KOVÁCS was able in front of wide-audience to express such view, what constitutes defamation and libel in respect of various persons. By coincidence exactly those individuals were defamed who intended to reveal the unlawful practices and bring them to the knowledge of competent authorities. The involved persons filed a complaint and claimed for remedy, however from the numerous cases in front of the courts, one was terminated (by a not yet final decision), and another case is delayed since May 2007 due to the alleged undecided applications for probate. Any procedures initiated in front of the Budapest Bar Association against Mr. KOVÁCS have not reached any notable effect. All further applications were neglected, and measures induced by law were not accomplished.

20. It is a recent development, that the inspection on abuse of trading with gasoline was initiated, however there were a lack of legal consequences thereto. The operative organs revealed professionally the facts and coherency, which later on has been analyze. The result show that the amount abstracted from the public finance through the last decade extends over the presently existing State deficit. When requesting the relevant documentation and when applying for investigation to be initiated, we have been officially informed by governmental service that the documents in question were destroyed precociously “in the meantime”. Controversially, not even the shortest period for destruction of such documents have yet

The delivery by name was inevitable as the party-office leader intentionally delayed the receipt of the report by the MPs.
According to the oath of the MPs, they shall respect and maintain respected the law, and take measures if otherwise.
Kázmér KOVÁCS Dr.: attorney-at-law, representative of certain authorities, Hungarian Automobile Club and officer of the Hungarian Bar Association;

Controversially, not even the shortest period for destruction of such documents have yet passed. The same answer was provided in regards of the destruction of the files containing the criminal case initiated in front of the ORFK KBI under No. 43/1996. This case was closed through the forgery of related certifications.

21. The summary report composed on the subject (which in spite of a relevant police report may be found at the Municipal Prosecution Office of the Advocate General) contains the details factually and in the net of coherence in regards of the practices which have causes thousands of million HUF damages to the State. Outstanding examples include permissions issued on the formal request and lawfully required declaration of certain non-existing legal entities (such as Chamber of Hungarian Oil-industry Trade, Representative and Professional Association of Hungarian Oil-industry Entrepreneurs). By coincidence the competent authority (VPOP ) has not - due to unknown reason - realized that these documents were executed by and set out by non-existing or unauthorized (legal) persons, and without further investigation issued permission for delayed payment of customs.

22. The above practice was carried out for years, in cases of originally non-existing (“phantom”) companies, or to those companies which lost their accountability during the meantime on purpose, without any interference of the custom office or other investigation power bearer organ, aiming to stop the malicious practice. Enormous debts were accumulated due to the negligence of the governmental organs. However all of these transactions were guaranteed by bank or/and real-estate cover, these guarantees were never redeemed by the Sate.

IV. List of the most outstanding cases

23. Regrettably the accuser is aware and possess evidences in regards of - besides the cases described above -, that there are several similar or even more serious cases, whereas the offenders belong to the same circle of criminals. Nevertheless the competent authorities refused to handle the case in compliance with the applicable regulations, according to the importance and actual effect of the case.

24. Case of Pepszolg , during the procedures the victims filed accusation against 36 judges and 17 prosecutors – all were in vain. Further the Case of Agria Ba-mat Kft , Case of Hajdu-BÉT Rt , Case of Baumag , the Case of First Empire Investment , Case of Ikarus Holding .

ORFK – KBI: abbreviation for the Central Crime Investigation Directorate (KBI) of the National Chief Police Department (ORFK);
VPOP – abbreviation for Hungarian Customs and Finance Guards;
Pepszolg Kft Case: Owners of the Pepszolg Kft have intended to gain remedy when their company’s assets became involved by coincidence in certain (illegal) transactions, and thus almost total control over the company were taken away from the former owners; Cf. footnote No. 30. – Diamond Case
Agria Ba-mat Kft Case: the bank account and books of the company were doubled, whereas on the fraudulent account only the debits of the company were registered, and with the assistance of the auditors and of the judicial officials of the Court of Company Registration the assets may have been alienated;
cf. footnote No.13.
Baumag Case: The company collected shares (illegally), and under which title intended to avoid settling tax duties, which was due two the factor that the Observing Office of the State for Financial Organizations (PSZÁF) have not realized the lack of regulation and the series of unlawful practice, which included tax-evasion and fraudulent documentation;
First Empire Investment Case: The company in question was registered under the law of England, and terminated by 22nd April 2003, however for further 2 ½ years had been operating (and still registered as proprietor of shares) in Hungary, which could happen due to bribery and the simple trick of founding First Empire Investments (the difference is the last vocal: “S”), under which name the former company could continue

25. The corruption Case of the SIEMENS Corporation in Hungary , was another link in the chain of the scandal, which by now became world-wide known, however solely here in Hungary were functioning undisturbed a net of money-laundering phantom-companies from 2001. It is a further coincidence that the Pest County Court – in order to be able to accomplish it’s duties – rents large areas exactly in the headquarter of SIEMENS Hungary Rt.

26. In another serious scandal, the Case of the Voluta Kft, whereas after the termination of the 10 years of investigation it was proven that the de-facto interests and the individuals “controlling the strings” were not even included in the sphere of the investigation. These people were not even called to testify . The Voluta Case caused several thousands of million HUF damage for the State, although the representatives of authorities were afterwards proved to be supported the harmonized series of unlawful practice, and thus they were definitely involved, nevertheless their acts brought no legal consequences upon them. Eventually two defenders were released as a result of the decision which have stated that no evidence were found in regards of any crime committed; the prosecution has not filed an appeal against the decision – which could be foreseen, as the indictment documentation were rather unprofessional. The tax duty of the Voluta Kft was close to 770 million HUF including penalty payment, which was eventually decreased to 17 million HUF. This decrease was due to the influence of certain well-known persons and thus lowered the responsibility of the involved individuals as well. It underpins well the effectiveness of the interest groups that even the VPOP have issued the permission to alienate the real-estate of the company, however no sufficient conditions were provided and debts for the Sate (reaching more than thousands of million HUF) of the company were not yet settled.

27. In other cases of corporations, which were trading oil-derivatives (which practice is subject of revenue license), the bank-security provided for the part of the authorities were never utilized.

it’s activity; in the name of the company several felonies were committed such as money laundering, forgery of public documents and illegal acquisition of important corporations such as Fűzfői Papíripari Rt, Nitrokémia Rt etc.; the company was controlled by Mr. János PINTÉR;
Ikarus Holding Case: The liquidation procedure was initiated in 2006, following that the tax duties for the year 2003 were „accidentally” not guaranteed by escrow rights for the State, however the bank-creditors received (partly) payments, even tough according to the compulsory ranking for settling debts, tax duties should have been given priority to.
The SIEMENS Corporation was involved in the scandalous Case of the Satelit TV: a TV channel founded by the SIEMENS Hungary, for the informal request of the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) as for the purpose of a seemingly independent, but rather supportive TV channel for the party. Due to further problems the TV-company went to bankruptcy proceedings. This is a characteristic example how the SIEMENS Hungary supported the MSZP for certain advantages.
It belongs to the same subject, the Case of Fűzfői Energitikai Rt, which was established by the SIEMENS Hungary and allegedly it was to be taken over by the MSZP, however a well-informed and somewhat involved individual – Mr. Imre FARKAS literally black-mailed both the SIEMENS Hungary and the MSZP, which posed a sequence of consequences, such as the apartment of Mr. Farkas was burned down;
EGI Rt Case.: Corporation which remained under State ownership until 1996, a key-party on the energy market, financing party and procurer in the Diamond Case (see below), nevertheless not included in the sphere of investigation, in spite of explicit statements on the involvement;
Diamond Case: VAT refunds were claimed on the basis of trading of diamonds, in spite of the fact that these diamonds were replicas (the diamonds were subject to radioactivity which altered their atomic-net so, that for a short period certain inspections may not reveal the forgery). The transaction was supervised and “legalized” through the governmental entity: Magyar Pénzverő Zrt (company established for the purpose of issuing currency). The guarantee for the custom duty to be paid is the real-estate acquired illegally from the Pepszolg Kft; Ref. to footnote No. 23

28. In a further case investigated by the Bács-Kiskun County Prosecution Office, whereas afterwards final decision of the court proved that crimes have been committed, there were no legal consequences provided by the State. In this case Sándor PINTÉR Dr has appeared as well, in that time as Minister of Internal Affairs. However supported by the final decision of the court, that unlawful financial activity was carried out, but nor criminal-law, neither administrative- or civil-law based penalty was sentenced upon any involved person.

V. Links between illegalities and politics

29. As the above presented incomplete list indicates the cases summing up in total of thousands of million HUF values, it may be pointed down that the above represent the moral state of Hungary as a whole. It comes conclusively that this is the reason why no criminal cases may be finished with success if well-known, important and influential people or political powers are involved. Whereas the invulnerability reflects independently from which political party or interest group certain individual belongs to: Mr. Viktor ORBÁN's grape-yard Case , his father’s Mine Case , the scandalous contracting of Happy End Kft and Ezüsthajó Kft. It belongs to this list the involvement of Mr. Ferenc GYURCSÁNY in regards of Noment Kft Case , Motim Kft Case and Altus Kft Case , Government Holiday Resort Cases . Further the Market at the Kőbánya-district Case - whereas Sándor PINTÉR Dr. is involved once again in the case, so that it was taken over from Mr. Péter TASNÁDI , who was fortuitously taken into custody by the organs led by Mr. PINTÉR at that time on the basis of charges haven’t proved ever since.
In addition the Kulcsár Case with no justice served on the offenders.

The referred case based on an expletive private accusation request procedure (as a result of on the alleged libel carried out by Mr. Lajos NAGY), however the claim was later revoked as the burden of proof on the defendant would consequent the actual reveal of the offences committed;
Mr. Viktor ORBÁN – prime minister of Hungary from 1998 until 2002, leader of the FIDESZ-KDNP Szövetség since 1989;
Grape-yard Case: Mr. ORBÁN supported a local farmers and individuals involved in the agricultural business, through a legal entity which was allotted to the highest possible support from the state;
Orbán-family mine Case: under the period when Mr. ORBÁN was the actual prime minister, the family owned mines were repeatedly requested by the State without a tendering-procedures to be kept;
Happy End Kft Case: a company established for image building and advertisement, however it was financed by the Government from central funds, further the company was awarded with outstanding fees, for instance 500 million HUF was paid for a road-movie of the prime minister;
Ezüsthajó Kft Case: subcontractor of the Happy End Kft;
Mr. Ferenc GYURCSÁNY: present prime minister of Hungary (since 2002), leader of the MSZP and well-known businessman;
Noment Kft Case: during it’s founding, the company was refused to be registered due to administrative mistakes, nevertheless contracts concluded with the State under this transitory period (without legal capacity therefore) has been kept in effect; company under the influence or direct ownership of Mr. GYURCSÁNY;
Motim Kft Case: a company privatized in 1996, when acquired by the consortium of Mr. GYURCSÁNY paying only 5 million HUF from own resources and financing the rest 700 million HUF by bank-credits, whereas the crediting bank was managed by the spouse of Mr. GYURCSÁNY (Mrs. Piroska APRÓ);
Altus Kft Case: most important company of Mr. GYURCSÁNY, several scandalous cases related to the present company, such as renting a Government Holiday Resort, and re-rent it for the State on an extremly high price;
Government Holiday Resort Cases: as seen above – Altus Kft Case;
Kőbánya-district Market Case: The so-called “Chinese Market”, which is practically exempted from investigations or raids, allegedly due to the sums paid for the part of Mr. PINTÉR;
Mr. Péter TASNÁDI: influential businessman and alleged criminal, local godfather;
Kulcsár Case: Some leaders and high-ranked traders and investors of the – that time — prestigious K&H Bank Rt, constructed a VIP list for individuals belonging to their sphere of interest, and awarded their investments with extraordinary conditions, committed money laundering and unlawful investments (double-booking, out of account investments) which is explicitly against any banking regulations;

30. Typical that the alleged godfather (Mr. Péter TASNÁDI) of the first Hungarian organized crime group is deemed to be the competitor of Sándor PINTÉR Dr., according to the most important economical magazine (HVG) in Hungary. It is hoped that the former godfather, who has just released and right now kept at-home-custody, may not be a candidate for the position of the Minister of Internal Affairs.

31. Following the above, it shall be considered the responsibility of the executive and judicial bodies as a whole, in regards of the incredible rate of corruption and cases like the “Zsanett-case”. As the publicly known offences having no actual effect on the offender, it does indeed detrimentally effect the moral of the authority personals, independent from position, and the moral of the society. The latter is underpinned by the President of Hungary, in his speech as of 10th September 2007, when referring to the lack of trust from the public for the leaders of the society.

32. In many corruption cases it was reasoned by “national interest” not to order emergency provisions for securing assets (as it did happen in Croatia and Serbia). Thus the mafia-like net may continue functioning, where members include involved liquidators, (ex)chiefs of police, bankers, (ex)prosecutors, judges and (ex)politicians. Since no emergency measures were ordered, the victims may be undertaken to a series of crime. In the present case accusation has been filed prior to the execution of certain crimes, indicating each time all the relevant information (who will be involved, where and to what subject the crime will be committed, what kind of crime may be committed). I.e. the authorities should have at least keep the surveillance and not to ignore the evidences.

33. As a result of the above, the participants in the politic are refused in general by the society, and thus as it was claimed by several experts and analyzers that the politicians are not measured on a popularity index, but rather on an unpopularity index. This view was underpinned adequately by Mr. István STUMPF in his opinion , who believes that the refusal of the politicians based on their corruption cases.

34. Most likely the above should have been the reason why not any representative of any authority may acknowledge the fact that in the indicated cases the state property has been damaged and suffered lost, due to the practice of the involved individuals. However the representatives are aware of certain facts, and thus should have been following their duties and ex officio pursue the justice to be served, instead unreasonably stuck with believing the opposite of the factuality. Facts are hard to change tough - cf. calculation in the beginning of the present document.

35. Present accusation is common interest document, may have been sent to your part, as the Hungarian judicial and criminal investigation is controlled at such an extent by the above interest groups, that not only the lawful procedures may not be followed, but even to initiate properly such, seems unfeasible.

36. Furthermore the reason why the organized crime division of ORFK is informed on the above as well, because it is hoped that it would may be recognized by the organ that we are (Hungary and its citizens) facing with crimes, committed persistently by organized crime groups, which crimes should have been investigated ex officio. Former involved authorities (local prosecution offices, Municipal Prosecution Office of the Advocate

Mr. István STUMPF: former Ministry of Chancellery, at the moment director of the Századvég Foundation (a socio-political analyzing community);
broadcasted on 11th September 2007, at the discussion program: Napkelte;

General, any organ thereof) have not deal with the cases in their complexity, and investigated the net of crimes as separate procedures.
Thus the interest and motive of all these crimes occurred only to be series of negligence and technical error, and not intentional and serious breach of law. Consequently when reports claimed that even the suspicion of crimes were absence, they were definitely false in that regards.

37. A former prestigious investigator of the Hungarian Police (who has deceased in the meantime) have draw the attention of the occurrence and undesirable and uncountable effect of this practice already in 1994. His warning was minimized by undermining him in every possible aspect.

38. However the close relationship and cooperation with the European Union, the written and customary rules of the European Union in particular regards to the separation of powers, exactly such financial-privileged group represents Hungary in front of the European Union and practice official powers, which maintains an unlawful and undemocratic relationship between the different organs and offices of the State.

39. At the European Union’s authorities, in particular at the crime investigating organs exactly those persons have been delegated who may be controlled by the power-based “elite”, who not suppose to represent the interest of 100.000 privileged people, but the rest 9.900.000 Hungarian citizen’s interest as well. It is inevitable for the sake of correct judgment of Hungary and effective protection of the citizens that the present case to be revealed for part of the competent authorities of the European Union, other governments and the Hungarian and International representatives of the written media.

VI. Procedural remarks

40. As of the accusation if lack of competence, please construe and handle in accordance with Articles 141-143 of Act XXIX of 2004, Sections 1 and 2 of Articles 171 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Hungary and Act CXXV of 2003, in the same manner please inform on the measures taken in compliance with Sections (2) and (4) of Article 142 of Act XXIX of 2004.

41. Present document is ONLY SUMMARY, however if requested further detailed documentation, evidence may be provided without further difficulties. Please be advised that this additional documentation extends to hundreds of pages (in Hungarian), including several certificated materials. Due to this extended amount and unique material, why we were refrained from the attachment thereof.

42. Further it may be add, that the present accusation is posted for the part of the Crime investigation and coordinative organization of the European Union, as well as reporting to the competent international organizations.

Sincerely yours:

victim and aggrieved party

Quote from the MTV (Hungarian Sate TV Channel) Liberty of speech program: „the mafia may not be found because the members thereof are incorporating into the executive authorities.”

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